Our Values

Employee Risk is a leading provider of security services for organisations large and small. We are a relativley small company creating a big impact in the marketplace.

Our Values can be summarised as this:

Be Innovative

We are leaders in cost effective security innovation, it is what differentiates us from the competition.

Your Interests First

All our services and solutions are built around giving organisations the confidence to what they do best. Security should never be an obstacle in the way of progress – we work to deliver secure solutions that offer maximum flexibility whilst providing the assurance that your information and systems are protected.

Act Honestly

Core to our ethos is acting honestly. If you employ us we will work on your behalf and put your interests first. If you do not need our services or your systems already secure appropriate to the risk then we will tell you so.

Speak Clearly

We do not talk in ‘consultancy speak’ or sugar coat things that are obviously wrong.  We will never be rude, but we will always be speak plainly and directly about the issues as we see them – we believe this is always in your best interest.

Creating a truly secure IT environment often requires access to highly specialised knowledge, expertise and business intelligence in order to stay one step ahead of the evolving threats.

Employee Risk delivers mature and strategic solutions to security challenges, going well beyond a short-term fix. Our security experts will ensure you have the right processes and procedures in place, the most effective technology to support them, and the knowledge transfer and education to ensure its long term success.

We are not a ‘traditional’ security consultancy, we challenge the view from many in the security industry that throw technological solutions to people problems - it’s all about risk and ensuring that you have the right controls for the right risks.


Governance & Compliance

Security Audit & Review
Risk Management
ISO 27001
Security Awareness

Insider Threat

Counter Surveillance
Personnel Vetting
Social Engineering
Data Loss Prevention

Security Training


Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration Testing
Emergency Response
Physical Security

Technical Consultancy

Application Security
Website Security
Network / System Hardening
Wireless Security Audit
Forensics & Recovery

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery


Security Framework


Security Standards

Microsoft Desktop
Microsoft Server &
Active Directory


Security Awareness


Health Care
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