The financial sector has been hit hard – protect your capital investments – don’t waste money on ineffective risk controls.

Confidence is up, business revenues are improving, a more positive outlook is now returning to the industry - there is still, however, a continuing concern that increasing costs and the impact of new regulations could impact profitability.

A key challenge for financial companies is how they adapt their business model to the changing environment whilst ensuring that their assets remain protected and the business is able to manage the increasing tough regulatory climate (e.g. Solvency II, PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA).

Employee Risk can work with your business to provide the knowledge, advice and support you need to respond to these challenges – too much money is wasted on ineffective security controls. All too often ‘best practise’ is applied clumsily to scenarios where they are not appropriate (e.g. extreme password policies). Employee Risk can help you design, develop and deploy effective controls that are right for your organisation and right for your people

We are one of the leading security practises within UK, offering a broad breadth of skills and expertise,.Our specialists have many years of experience within the finance sector in delivering effective solutions to real problems. We can help you build a security function from inception to organisation (including resourcing).

As the industry landscape continues to evolve, you can trust Employee Risk to work with you as you take on new challenges and opportunities and their associated risks.

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Employee Risk Services

Our services include:

Assessment, design and implementation of your security organisation from the ground up.

Design and implementation of the latest risk management technology

Development of risk based metrics relevant to your business

Embedding a risk based approach within management practices so that they become business as usual


Governance & Compliance

Security Audit & Review
Risk Management
ISO 27001
Security Awareness

Insider Threat

Counter Surveillance
Personnel Vetting
Social Engineering
Data Loss Prevention

Security Training


Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration Testing
Emergency Response
Physical Security

Technical Consultancy

Application Security
Website Security
Network / System Hardening
Wireless Security Audit
Forensics & Recovery

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery


Security Framework


Security Standards

Microsoft Desktop
Microsoft Server &
Active Directory


Security Awareness


Health Care
Home & VIP