Insider Threat Management

Counter Surveillance

Your data is valuable, keep it private.

How can you ensure that you are protected against the threat that somebody within or outside your organisation is not leaking sensitive data to other parties?

If the intellectual property (IP) you hold gives you a competitive edge over others in your industry, and you suspect that your data is liable to be or may already have been compromised, Employee Risk can help. We will confirm whether or not you are subject to covert surveillance and guide through counter measures to protect against it.

Unlike services that you may find from other companies, we look both at the physical and digital environments – giving you complete picture that most security consultancies would find difficult to present.

Employee Risk's consultants will ensure that your organisations is prepared and equipped to ensure that your organisation can keep going in the event of a catastrophic event. For more information contact us.

List of the categories of physical and electronic areas we analyse

Please note, we will never assist or provide advice on surveillance of third parties (be they individuals or organisations) irrespective of whether such surveillance would be legal in a particular country. See Values.

Do you suspect you are under surveillance?

If you suspect you or your organisation is under surveillance, then take the follow steps:

STOP all sensitive communications.

CALL Employee Risk from a payphone on +44 (0)20 XXX XXXX (9am-5pm) from away from the usual places you reside (e.g. home / office).


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