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Data Loss Prevention

It has become not a question of when, but if – let us help you reduce the impact and likelihood of a future data breach.

From major clothes retailers to the large consultancies, it is clear that the damage data loss can have on reputation can be significant. With so many factors and issues to consider, protecting against the threat of data loss can be extremely challenging.

Employee Risk has developed a comprehensive Data Loss Prevention scheme that can significantly reduce the likelihood and impact of data loss.

  1. Understanding your information assets, their value and how they managed.
  2. Ensure that you have the right access controls in place to protect your data.
  3. Ensure legal and regulatory requirements within your country are met (e.g. Data Protection Act UK, Data Protection Directive EU, HIPAA).
  4. Develop an intelligent monitoring framework that can detect and flag impending security breaches.
  5. Ensure that employees are aware of their responsibilities to safeguard the organisation’s information.

Employee Risk provides a free Data Loss Prevention Health Check to any organisation that would like to understand their strength and weaknesses in relation to data protection (subject to consultant availability).

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