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Lost important data? Employee Risk can help you recover it.

Data Recovery

Losing important data can be a stressful experience, irrespective of whether the data is important to you because it is work or personal reasons. If you have experienced data loss, we offer one of the fastest, most convenient and cost effective solutions in the industry to our clients. We offer a fixed cost for our service and if we are not able to recover the data you require there will be no charge.

Please note that at present we only offer this service to our UK clients. For more information please contacts us explaining the nature of the loss, the device being used and the type of data you would like to recover.

Investigation Forensics

Do you require technical expertise to investigate an incident for you? Employee Risk consultants have many years experiences in computer investigations, especially in determining the nature of an incident and tracing the principal actor(s) involved: examples of the kind of investigations we conduct include:

  • Recovering sensitive data deleted by an employee
  • Determining whether an employee sent an email at a specific data and time as well as their location
  • Establishing a timeline for actions carried out on the computer in the case of a dispute
  • Tracing the authorship of a document

Employee Risk’s experts are able to utilise the latest forensic techniques to help to establish the facts surrounding an incident through our dedicated forensic investigation team. A typical investigation involves the following steps:

  1. Understanding the nature of the incident and the scope of the investigation
  2. Development of an investigation plan
  3. Auditing Logging
  4. Forensic analysis of the computer data
  5. Interviews with personnel involved in the incident (if necessary)
  6. Reporting and follow-up support


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