Security Framework

The RiskFramework™ provides your business with complete security documentation.

Anyone can download standardised template policies from the web and copy and paste – but how can you ensure that you have the depth and breadth of policies required for your organisation’s needs? What is the best way to communicate these policies? How can you ensure that the policies are the right fit for your organisation?

Employee Risk’s policy experts have years of experience in developing information security frameworks for organisations large or small. Our RiskFramework product provides the complete end-to-end solution for your organisation. Whether you are a large multinational or a small business we have a scalable security framework that is cost effective and easy to deploy.


RiskFramework Basic

The information security documentation fundamentals for your organisation.

RiskFramework Standard

All the documentation and technology you need to initiate a security function.

RiskFramework Enterprise

All the documentation, technology and support you need to set up a complete security governance function for the enterprise

What you get:

Security Fundamentals Policy Set (25 policies) including

·       Acceptable Use Policy (covering email, mobile, instant messaging and web usage)

·       Clear Desk Policy

·       Password Management Policy

·       Mobile & Laptop Policy

·       Removable media Policy

·       Anti-Virus Policy

·       Network Policy

Information Classification Scheme

Security Awareness Poster

Legal & Regulatory Guide

ISO 27002 Compliant Complete Policy Set (100+ high level security policy statements)

Security Framework Mandate

Information Classification & Handling Scheme

User Awareness Campaign:

·       Staff Induction Presentation

·       Awareness Project Plan

·       4 Customised Security Awareness Posters

Anti-Virus Strategy

Security Monitoring Process

Incident Management Process

Security Strategy Project Plan

Legal & Regulatory Guide

Microsoft Desktop Security Standard

Third Party & Outsourcing Security Standard

(In addition to the Standard RiskFramework)

RiskIntranet Solution

Security Function Job Descriptions

Risk Analysis Process

Information Security Strategy Presentation

Security Improvement Project Plan Template

Data Leakage Prevention Strategy

10 Security Awareness Posters

Security Metrics Guide

Secure Development Guide

User Management Standard

Microsoft Server Security Standard


Branding Customisation

Branding Customisation

1 day onsite deployment support

30 days email support

Branding Customisation

5 days onsite deployment support

1 year email and updates support

Our RiskFramework solution is tried and tested, and is based upon over 10 years experiences in working with and defining information security frameworks especially with regards to policies and standards. As such, our policies are not just based upon theory but are the result of a continual process of improvement and refinement over many years in real world implementations – this is why the RiskFramework presents a practicable and realistic approach to security documentation.

If you would like to purchase one of the above solutions or needs a customised solution for your particular needs then please contact us now.


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Risk Management
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Security Awareness

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Counter Surveillance
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Social Engineering
Data Loss Prevention

Security Training


Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration Testing
Emergency Response
Physical Security

Technical Consultancy

Application Security
Website Security
Network / System Hardening
Wireless Security Audit
Forensics & Recovery

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery


Security Framework


Security Standards

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Security Awareness


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